What are the classification of fur
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People are more commonly used according to the raw material of the hair and leather to divide


It mainly includes mink skin, chinchilla skin (blue violet, also known as green autumn orchid), mink, otter skin, dragon skin, snow ferret skin, weasel skin, mugwort skin, grey mouse skin, silver rat skin, muskrat skin, beaver skin, civet skin, etc. It is suitable for making wool hat, coat, etc.

Lepidoderms: lepidoderms, lepidoderms and lepidoderms

Mainly including fox skin, raccoon dog skin, lynx skin, badger skin, civet skin and so on. The sheet width is large. It is often used to make hats, coats, cloaks, etc.


Commonly used are sheep skin, dog skin, wolf skin, leopard skin, marmot skin and so on. The hairs are long and slightly larger. It can be used to make hats, coats, vests, linings, etc.


Including cat skin, rabbit skin, etc., suitable for clothing accessories, low price.

Rex rabbit skin

It first appeared in France in 1919. Because its fur is soft, smooth and neat as if it had been cut, it is similar to otter, so it enjoys the saying of Rex Rabbit in China. Rex rabbit is a kind of short fur rabbit. Its short and neat hair has good heat preservation performance and is not easy to fall off.


Fur belongs to the fine fur fur fur, has the reputation of "king of fur", so it has become a symbol of people's wealth. In foreign countries, it is called "soft gold". Mink has three characteristics: "the wind blows the fur, the fur is warmer, the snow falls, the snow disappears, and the rain falls, the fur is not wet".

Fox skin

Fur has a wide range of colors, with almost all kinds of fur colors. Fox skin varieties include silver fox, cross fox, crystal fox, blue fox, red fox, grey fox, and white fox. Fox skin can also be dyed in various colors. Fox fur is the treasure of fur, known as one of the three pillars of fur in the world.

Raccoon dog skin

Raccoon dog is also known as local dog and badger. Raccoon dog fur is a valuable raw material for fur making due to its long needle hair, elastic and fine fluff. Raccoon dog fur is light, warm and durable, and has strong cold resistance. It can be used to make fur facing coat, leather mattress, leather tube, leather cap, leather collar, etc. The needle can be used as brush, oil brush, etc. There are two ways to use raccoon dog skin: one is to make fur with both needle and wool, which is called raccoon dog skin; the other is to remove needle hair and make fur from wool, which is called raccoon dog fur

Washed sheepskin

The sheepskin can be washed by water, which changes the phenomenon that the leather hardens with water. After washing, it is still very soft. However, the problem of leather is still related to the raw materials used before treatment. It does not mean that the sheepskin must be better or worse than washed with water. Using the same raw materials, washing is expensive because of the complexity of the process and washing represents fashion.

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